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Weekends of Food


Anybody who knows me well knows that I’m more than a little preoccupied with food. I have been for as long as I can remember, although, admittedly the preoccupation has shifted focus quite a bit. As I kid, I think my focus was on cheese (well, maybe my focus hasn’t actually shifted all that much); in college, I was obsessed with pasta and take out, especially super spicy Indian food  (and then Weight Watchers, understandably); these days I’m entirely focused on creating beautiful meals at home. I still have an unnatural attachment to cheese and going out to eat is probably one of my favorite pastimes, but what gives me the biggest thrill is knowing I’ve made something truly delicious and healthy at home for my husband and I to share (bonus points if other folks are coming over to partake in the festivities!). It combines my passion for nutrition, an outlet for my creativity and my constant desire to do something nice for other people all at one time.


So, I’ve decided to start a weekly post on Fridays entirely devoted to food. Sometimes it might be a restaurant or event review, sometimes a recipe, or sometimes maybe just a list of what I’ve been eating the past week. It’ll probably develop as I go along!



There’s very few things as gorgeous as a sunny spring day in the Boston Public Gardens!

Anyway, last weekend turned out to be a really fun culinary adventure! It started out a little bleak, when I came home from a 21 mile training run last Saturday, waited too long to consume post-run nutrition of any kind, and promptly expelled the breakfast I tried to hurriedly consume when I found myself growing increasingly nauseous. Thankfully, some water and two pieces of plain bread seemed to cure me after that and I was quickly out the door to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and spring flowers with friends. When we arrived home, after a snack of prosecco and butternut squash bisque, I got down to instructing the boys on what still needed to be prepped for the three different varieties of pizza-on-the-grill we were making that evening.  A whipped up some guacamole for us to munch on in the meantime and my girlfriends above were kind enough to bring an enormous box of cupcakes for us to indulge in later from Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester.

For pizzas, we enjoyed a roasted butternut squash pizza, with spicy homemade barbecue sauce, goat cheese and red onion; a spring greens pesto with grape tomatoes and burrata; and a maple-smoked bacon, caramelized onion and smoked mozzarella pie. Although the squash pizza with my secret-weapon barbecue sauce is a favorite around our house, I think the charring from the grill paired the best with the creamy burrata and earthy, herbal notes in the pesto.  We stuffed ourselves silly, and still managed to each eat the equivalent of a little over 1 cupcake each.

Who could resist, though, really?

Who could resist, though, really?

Fat and happy, we talked ourselves into the early morning and then headed to bed, the taste of buttercream still on our lips.  Our indulgent dinner didn’t stop us from having a robust brunch the next morning though — homemade turkey sausages, roasted potatoes and my take on my mom’s signature waffles all slowly made their way to the table.  A and I used to hang out with our best friends nearly every weekend when they lived in New Hampshire, and one of our favorite things to do together was cook and enjoy a big Sunday breakfast. While I miss everything about spending time with them since their move to Colorado, I think that’s one of the things I miss the most and I was so thrilled to be able to have them there to sip coffee and laugh with as waffle batter oozed out of the waffle maker and potatoes sizzled in the oven.

The culinary adventure didn’t end there, as A and I headed to Barbara Lynch’s Oyster Invitational that afternoon with Aaron’s sister and her husband. This event was SO.MUCH.FUN. Tons of delicious food (all you can eat lobster rolls?!?!), beverages, and general silliness. Thousands of raw oysters everywhere in which to indulge! Somehow I managed to score more cupcakes, too, AND then eat leftover pizza when I got home. It’s really a wonder how I’m not 400 pounds…

After a work week of eating very healthfully, we’ve got another tremendous weekend of eating in the works starting tonight(!), but this time everything will be made by both me and A. No oyster extravaganza — but there will be more pesto, more waffles, and even some homemade lemon curd involved, so I’ll probably survive.

What’s on your weekend menu?