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Vote On My New ‘Do!


Something about summer always gives me the urge to cut off all my hair.  It’s curly, and in the warmer temperatures and higher humidity, it regularly turns into a big, wooly mess that typically gets pulled back into a bun just so I don’t start hacking at it with kitchen scissors in a heat-induced rage.

My friend and co-worker actually had the balls to go ahead and cut off all of her hair this past weekend and it’s so stinkin’ cute AND looks so much lighter, I just can’t stop dreaming about some shorter locks. So, appointment is in the books for 6:30pm this Friday night.  I even have a cute new dress I bought from Target and a dinner date later that night at which to show off my soon-to-be new look.

But I need your help deciding what kind of new look to sport!  So, look at this picture of me now:

Ugh. CUT. IT. OFF.

And then, look at these 5 pictures of superiorly coiffed ladies and imagine their hair on my head (but in my color — let’s not go overboard with the changes!). Pick your favorite using the poll buttons below, or leave a note in the comments. Ready?  Okay, go!


Style 1


Style 2


Style 3



Style 4


Style 5