Why, hello. Thank you for dropping by!  Here’s a little bit about me and this blog:

I’ve read volumes, run marathons, and written page upon page of terrible prose and even more terrible verse, always searching for the right combination of strength and confidence, adjective and verb to lend my life more substance and more meaning.  I’ve always searched alone, but I’ve come to understand that sometimes it’s in partnership, in friendship, and in love that we  find the freedom we need to explore further, probe deeper. I hope that with this blog, I can share a little bit of myself, learn a little bit about you and find a constructive outlet for a lot of the thoughts that roll around in my brain.  You’ll probably get some workout and running tips and thoughts, some nutrition information, some recipes, some food event and restaurant reviews, some creative writing and some photos. I hope you enjoy!

That's me at Mesa Verde in the summer of 2011.

That’s me at Mesa Verde in the summer of 2011.


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