I’m really starting to look forward to Thursdays so I can write this “Thankful” post and give myself the little bit of time and space to truly reflect on what I’m feeling joyful or thankful or grateful for this week.

Although this week has been busy and a bit stressful at times, I am feeling incredibly grateful for so many things!

*the great health insurance my job affords me so I can tend to my injury in an affordable and stress-free way

*the amazing community of teammates and friends that running has given me, and how supportive and uplifiting they’ve been while I’m healing

*the spontaneous night out in Watertown with A last night, just when I was feeling like we’d never get a night together, to connect, for a long while

*my last meeting that ended 30 minutes early and which constituted a discussion of the Scooper Bowl and interoffice cooking contests, Iron Chef style.

*some beautiful sunshine


What are you thankful for this week?


Thoughts? Leave 'em.

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