With A traveling this week, being crazy-busy at work and not been able to be my usual social-runner self, I’ve been particularly thankful for the incredibly encouraging and kind emails, comments, and text messages I’ve received all week from friends and family. Although I’ve felt a little out of the loop with my running community the last couple weeks, what with tapering and now injury, it’s made me feel so much better and put me in such a better head space knowing that so many of you thought of me, have checked up on me and are rooting for me! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing network of people in my life.

You all rock my socks every day!

You all rock my socks every day!

What are you thankful for this week? What’s making your joyful?



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  1. After years of not having a designated work space in our home, I just got myself a little desk and created a nook in our bedroom. I can’t believe it took me 6 six years to do this (I went through grad school working at the kitchen table), but I am SO grateful to have this space to create, daydream, write, and just get away from the kitchen table! I’m also feeling especially grateful for late spring/early summer, my husband who is working nights this week, and this slice of solitude. Oh, and this post which gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I’m grateful for 🙂

    So sorry you didn’t get to finish your marathon! I hope you heal, both physically and emotionally, and get back out there as soon as you’re ready.

    • It’s absolutely amazing what having your own space, however small it might be, can do for your spirit, your mind and your productivity! Love your comment and appreciate you taking the time to articulate what you’re grateful for:)

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