Move it! May 13 – May 17


Last week was the middle week of my marathon taper, so of course I spent the majority of it feeling fat, slow and like every stair, sneeze and food item was out to get me. I ran short, easy runs, walked a lot, didn’t take on anything new and focused on eating good, healthy foods and drinking lots of water, so all in all, I’d say it was a success.

Monday, Aaron and I went for a walk after work.

Tuesday, for some stress relief before my exam, I ran 5 easy miles with some surges.

Wednesday was an awesome stadium workout at Harvard with November Project and I’m happy to report no soreness at all after this week’s workout!

Thursday I decided to sit outside and drink wine after work instead of working out.

Friday I ran a little shy of 6 easy miles on hills, again with November Project.

Saturday I ran 10 beautiful and easy miles with my brother-in-law. I can only hope I feel this good during my marathon (especially at, say, mile 23)!

This was part of my Saturday run!

This was part of my Saturday run!

This week will be another week of light running.  I won’t be doing any stadium stairs or crazy hills or anything like that and I’ll probably burn more calories lifting a water bottle to my face and obsessively checking the Sunday forecast than I will running, but that’s what this week is supposed to be all about.  I have a sports massage scheduled for Wednesday evening to get my legs super ready and that’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most out of this week, fitness-wise, aside from the race.

Hopefully this time next week you’ll be reading a full account of how I CRUSHED it out there!

What’d you do last week to stay fit? Any goals for this week?




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