In keeping with some of my summer goals and trying to be more mindful and appreciative of the day-to-day, I thought it might be nice, at least for a couple months, to indulge in a weekly “gratitude” post.  I envision this as just one sentence, photograph or a short list explaining the things I’m thankful for or particularly joyful about in any given week, and to focus small instead of on big concepts like “family and friends”. And I’d love to hear from others what they’re feeling thankful or happy about, too! Let’s spread the joy!


This week, a list, as I am feeling an abundance of gratitude:

*to be a part of the beautiful and resilient city of Boston (brought to light by attending Boston Bites Back as well as hearing this news from the BAA)

*tremendously reliable and genuinely kind neighbors who have taken out our dog twice, met with a plumber and signed for a wine shipment for us just this week.

*finally getting a shirt sprayed with “November Project”

*pictures of me putting my face in silly paintings:

sillinesssilliness3 silliness2

What little things are you thankful for this week?




Thoughts? Leave 'em.

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