Bucket Lists


A couple years ago, I decided to start writing down all of the things I wanted to do during my lifetime and then reviewing that list each October around my birthday to see what I’ve accomplished and what I want to update or change.  I try to keep the list to 50 items, or it seems to get unwieldy and a little fantastical.

It’s fun to see what you’ve done with yourself over the course of a year, what you’ve worked towards and haven’t yet achieved, and what you may have changed your mind about. Sometimes things make it on the list because of a phase you’re going through, or the particular group of people you’re hanging out with a lot at the time, and you look at it a year later and go “huh? Who wrote that down?”
In any case, here is the list, in all it’s glory. The crossed out items are things I’ve actually managed to do!

My Life List

  1. run a Boston Qualifying marathon (and then, run Boston)
  2. own my own wellness-related business
  3. learn to play the guitar
  4. visit all 50 states
  5. write a book
  6. be conversational in 2 or 3 languages (Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Greek…)
  7. live in a house with a fireplace
  8. go on an adventure abroad with my brother
  9. live in another country for 6 months or more
  10. have an inspiring and functional space devoted to creation and meditation
  11. take a photography class
  12. learn to bake with the same instinct with which I cook
  13. Travel to at least: Thailand, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Scotland France, the Maldives, Spain, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, India and Germany.
  14. plant and maintain a vegetable, herb and flower garden
  15. ski a double black diamond with confidence and know-how
  16. get in the habit of baking my own bread and making my own pasta
  17. Dinner at the French Laundry
  18. learn to really dance (swing, tap,belly, hip hop, ballroom)
  19. skydive
  20. have my picture in a magazine
  21. establish a yearly vacation tradition with my best friends — WORKING ON THIS!
  22. become a yoga teacher and/or personal trainer
  23. be the keynote speaker at a conference
  24. learn to sew and actually make things for people
  25. have a job that excites me and challenges me almost every single day
  26. see the Northern Lights
  27. have a yearly party that all of our friends and family get excited to attend
  28. learn to be more confident and work on my self-image
  29. officiate a wedding ceremony
  30. practice random acts of kindness whenever possible
  31. swim with dolphins, preferably in the wild
  32. memorize 3 or 4 really good dishes so I don’t have to use the recipes anymore
  33. do some sort of work with animals (for example, help baby sea turtles get to the ocean, wash ducks and otters with DAWN after an oil spill, raise seeing eye dogs)
  34. fly in a helicopter (not for medical reasons)
  35. taste 100 different kinds of cheese
  36. have a wine cellar
  37. send cards to all the people I love for every birthday, anniversary and special event in their lives
  38. take a hot air balloon ride
  39. learn how to do mosaic tiling and make a mosaic fireplace or outdoor oven
  40. host Thanksgiving
  41. learn to play Bridge
  42. Publish an article in a big magazine (Bon Appetit, Self, Vogue)
  43. Create a signature cocktail
  44. Teach myself to do 10 pull-ups
  45. make scrapbooks for each year and special ones for special events — ONGOING PROJECT, BUT SO FAR, SO GOOD
  46. learn to parallel park for real (yes, this is really on here) and learn to drive stick
  47. own a beach house
  48. learn to draw and/or paint
  49. take some graphic design/web design classes
  50. learn to ride the Vespa
  51. Run a sub-20 minute 5k
  52. Get better at saving money
  53. Get a Master’s degree or PhD (or both)
  54. Write something every day for a year (then, hopefully, it will be such a habit, you’ll continue)
  55. Learn how to do some basic “handy” stuff around the house and for my car
  56. Complete an Ironman (and all the associated training)
  57.  Hug a penguin

What’s on your “bucket list?” What wonderful things have you already accomplished?


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  1. well, 21 has been going on for 3 years now 🙂 I have one too, but I have never updated it. I am going to start doing that now every year on my birthday. If I can help you achieve any, let me know 🙂

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